Get involved

Essex Humanists is a well established group of non-religious people based in Essex, affiliated to the British Humanist Association.  Our members include atheists, agnostics and those interested in a secular state.  The one thing that unites us is there is no supernatural power governing this planet.

Recently we have undergone a transformation to reach out to those in Essex that have no religion but would like to be part of a community that has similar values.  Everyone is welcome to come along to events or just dip in and out of the group when something takes your fancy, there are no set rules and everyone is very relaxed.

We would very much like to hear from anyone that would like to help us promote and expand the group for the non-religious community of Essex.  Any little time you are able to give and any skills would be very much appreciated.  In particular, we would love to hear from the Young (18-35) non-religious community with social media skills.

You may also wish to consider joining the BHA school volunteer team.  Essex Humanists has several volunteers that assist schools by delivering assemblies, working with groups of children or supporting teachers to deliver a curriculum that includes a non-religious world view.  It’s great fun and children get a lot from these days.