Education is an emotional and privative topic and many parents from a non-religious background do no wish for their children to be taught RE in a indoctrinatory way.  We support a broad curriculum that enables pupils to learn about many of the ideas surrounding world religion,  those ideas from non-religion, such as humanism in addition to philosophy and other worldviews.  We feel it is important for children to have access to the best information and ideas that humanists has to offer, so that they are equipped to form their own opinions based on the information available.

Britain has a diverse society and to ensure that our children understand others within the community where they live, tolerance and understanding of the worldview is essential for a peaceful and harmonious future.  We would therefore like to see religious education replaced with a new programme of study that allows pupils to take a more objective and religiously neutral approach to the consideration of moral and ethical issues.  Such a subject would still include basic knowledge about a variety of religions and beliefs, their broad ethical standpoints and their philosophical and/or religious underpinning.  Importantly, religion and belief groups should have no privileged input into the syllabus. As with other subjects, the syllabus should be nationally determined by independent educationalists without an agenda motivated by a specific religion or belief.

Essex Humanists has a number of school volunteers that work for the British Humanist Association by visiting schools to help deliver workshops, assemblies, work along side teachers and provide support to schools in delivering a balanced curriculum that includes a non-religious worldview.  If this is something you feel passionately about and would like to get involved, please contact the BHA through the following link Discover more about becoming a school volunteer.

We are an affiliate group of Humanists UK, who are actively involved in promoting an education system that allows children to be informed about non-religious viewpoints.  For further information from Humanists UK, please click on the links below