Faith to Faithless


Essex Humanists welcomes anyone of any background.  If you are just starting to explore the possibility of leaving your faith, you would be most welcome to contact us or come along to any events and meet our members.

For some, leaving a religion is an emotional journey and can also be a daunting one if there is the possibility of causing disruption or disappointment within your family and friendships.  If you fall into this category and would like to consider support from others that have already been through this journey or are currently transitioning from faith to faithless, there is a specialist group, separate to Essex Humanists that has been established to provide advice and support for you leaving your religion.

The faith to Faithless community comprises those from all religious backgrounds including Ex Muslims, Ex Jews, Ex Mormons, Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc.

To find the support you need, please follow the links on this page to find their Facebook, twitter, youtube and website.

Start your journey here faith-to-faithless