Young Humanists

For Students in Essex,  there is the Essex Humanist Students Society based at Colchester University.

For more information please follow the link

There’s an exciting development over at the British Humanist Association (BHA): they’re launching a new section for 18-35s called Young Humanists!

As we know, young people are the most non-religious of any age group in British society: 2 in 3 say they have no religion. It’s not a surprise then that the BHA is often asked what it provides for those who have left formal education, are entering the workforce, progressing in their careers and/or are starting families. The BHA considered setting up a new section to better meet this need and the AHS has raised this too.

Young Humanists is being led by Alice Fuller. Alice is a former trustee of the BHA, a past organiser of Central London Humanists and is very keen on getting humanism to the masses. You can contact Alice at 

AHS is involved in and supportive of this new organisation. Please take a moment to visit the Facebook page (, ‘Like’ it and say hello. You can also contact Alice directly if you’ve left university and would like to get involved in helping to organise Young Humanists.

(P.S. Current BHA members who are aged between 18-35 will automatically become members of Young Humanists. You can join the BHA at